painting brushesEvery bloggers want their blog to look pleasing to the audience. Many new bloggers spend hours of their valuable time changing theme to make it more attractive and perfect.

When I customized my theme, I spent hundreds of minutes trying different fonts, creating logo, favicon to use on my blog and make it look inch perfect. I spent most of the time searching for design resources online.

When I was glued to my computer and dying hard searching on web, I thought there would be many people out there who are searching for different design resources where they can get free fonts, logos etc.

So I decided to make a list of free resources that could help new bloggers customize their blog according to their needs.

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Top Graphical Design Resources For Web Designers



Fonts are one of the main components of your blog’s design. You must choose the fonts correctly. It can make or break your blog. I have tried over twenty different fonts before I decided to stick with the one I’m using right now.

Keep fonts as simple as possible. Don’t use fancy fonts, that are difficult to be read, because you want to make your blog look attractive. It’s better to use web safe fonts (which can work on all browsers).

You can find different fonts from these resources:

  1. Typekit
  2. FontShop
  3. MyFonts
  4. The FontFeed
  5. Google Web Fonts
  6. WEbINK



When someone visits your blog, the first thing they would notice is the logo. So having a clean and winsome logo can make difference.

Like we remember the face of different people, those who visit your blog remember the logo. So design a logo which is attractive.

Some tools which I have tried are:

  1. LogoMaker (Online Tool)
  2. CoolText (Online Tool)
  3. Sothink Logo Maker Professional (Software)


Color picker tool

Using right color combination on your blog is very important. There are many resources listed below where you can choose ready-made color palettes and patterns or creating your own. These tools can help you a lot in choosing the right color combination for your blog.

  1. ColorPicker – A tool to generate hex/html color codes.
  2. ImageColorPicker – Online color picker to pick colors from images.
  3. COLOURlovers
  4. Adobe Kuler
  5. 0to255 – Tool that helps you find variations in a color.
  6. Pictaculous – Use this to find the best color to use with an image.



  1. DaButtonFactory
  2. ButtonGenerator
  3. Zazzle



  1. Findicons
  2. Iconarchive
  3. SocialIconSets



If you don’t use a custom favicon, some web hosting providers would display their favicon. If someone bookmarks your blog, they use favicons to recognize your blog. So it would be great if you use a custom favicon.

  2. DynamicDrive
  3. FaviconGenerator
  4. Convertico – A tool to convert PNG images to ICO format.



  1. SubtlePatterns – Best place to find background patterns (plugin also available).
  2. PatternCooler
  3. ava7Patterns
  4. Stripemania – Create beautiful stripe patterns using this tool.

I have spent hours to make a list of best available resources to help web designers. Please feel free to comment if you think this has helped and saved your time. Also Subscribe for updates to get awesome posts right into your inbox.