Man_tensedChoosing a domain name for your blog or business is crucial. It also requires lots of efforts from your side, to find different names. Choosing a domain name has become so difficult because Internet is growing and people are registering thousands of domain names daily.

There are few things you need to do before buying a domain name. Wrong selection of domain can get you in trouble. Selection of domain name also plays an important role in getting you better SERP rankings.

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That’s why you must always spend some time to learn the history of your domain. Domain names can make or break your blog.

Once you purchase a domain name, you have to purchase a web hosting to put your domain name into action. The two best hosting providers are GoDaddy and HostGator. You can check out the comparison of GoDaddy vs HostGator from this here.

1) Check For Trademarks Violation

This is a very very important precaution to take before buying a domain name. Buying a domain name which is an existing Trademark can get you into trouble later on. You would have to pay thousands of $$ as penalty or get sued. So it’s always recommended to check for existing Trademarks before choosing a domain name.

I have used the tool mentioned above to check for existing Trademark for the phrase “Google” and this is the result. Check the screenshot below. If you find this while searching for the domain name, then never choose that domain name unless you are ready to spend thousands of dollars and ready to get sued.

Trademark checker tool

2) Domain History On Google

Google is very important for the survival of a blog because Google search can send you lots of traffic and AdSense, which is also a product by Google, convert those traffic into $$.

  • Check Whether Google Has Banned Domain From Search – If you buy a banned domain name then you would have to request Google for reconsideration and it would take several weeks. Google may or may not reconsider the domain. So always check whether Google has banned the domain using these tools:

1) iWebTool


  • Check AdSense Has Banned The Domain – Google AdSense is the best and top paying Ad Network, so checking if the domain has been banned is recommended. You would have to spend plenty of time to experiment with other Ad Networks if you do not get an AdSense account. So use any of these tools right now.

1) AdSense Sandbox

2) IsBanned

3) Social Media Username Availability

We all know the power of Social Media. It can generate a lot of traffic to your blog. It’s always great to have social media usernames same as your domain name.

For example, lazy people like me would always log on to It would be irritating if the person searching for your page finds some other page, and there are possibilities of losing one follower.

So you definitely must check for the availability of Social Media usernames using this great tool. It checks over 150 networks for the username availability.

Everyone would recommend you to do these things before you buy a domain name. Are you a blogger? If yeah, then please let me know if you had checked for these things when you bought your domain name. Also subscribe for updates and share this post on social medias.