Almost all Web Hosting Providers guarantee above 99% server uptime  But, who knows? Anything can go wrong any time. Server failure can cause loss of traffic, and not many Web Hosting providers would let you know when the server is down. No one can predict when something’s gonna go wrong. There are two options to be safe from server downtime:  Either logging on to your blog every 30 minutes or a hour, or using Website Uptime Monitor services.

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There are many Uptime Monitoring Services both free with limited features and paid with much advanced features. You can choose the service depending on your needs. But I think even free services provide features which are sufficient. This post is about the best five Website Monitoring Services available for free.

Best Free Website Monitoring Services For 2013

homepage-mymonitors-snapshot1) Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a totally free monitoring service, with which you can add up to 50 websites. Uptime Robot monitors your website in 5-minute intervals. If your website goes down, then you will instantly be alerted  via  via e-mail, SMS, RSS, Twitter or push notifications. Uptime Robot has an Ajax interface, which makes managing monitors, viewing stats and log easy and simple.

2) is another free service, with over 110,000+ users. It tracks website availability from different locations around the world, using HTTP, HTTPS, PING, DNS. In case website goes down, then you can get instant alerts via via email, IM, SMS or live voice.

3) Internetseer  

internetseer logoYou can add any number of websites on Internetseer. It offers monitor frequency of 60 minutes and reports you (if website goes down) to unlimited number of contacts. If you log in to your account, you can see real-time stats. You will also receive an Email weekly with detailed performance reports.

4) Site24x7

newfeaturepage-website-monitorSite24x7 allows you to add up to five monitors. It tracks the availability of the website every 10 minutes. The tests are conducted from over 40+ monitoring locations across the globe. You will instantly be alerted via Email if they find your website unavailable. I have used this service once, and I was happy with it.

5) SiteUptime  

siteuptime analytics logoWith SiteUptime, you can monitor only one website per account. SiteUptime monitors a website from different locations around the world using protocol tests, and if the test fails from one or more locations, you will instantly be alerted. It monitors a website every 30/60 minutes. You can get alerts via Email, when your site goes down and when site goes up again.

There are many other free website monitoring services, but these are the ones I have heard and read about everywhere, and personally used. I recommend you to use any one of the above, because they are the most trusted and produce accurate reports.

Have you tried any other website monitoring services other than the five listed above? Do you think there are services better than these? Please share your thoughts via comments.