50 blogging tips for beginnersMany people think blogging is the best way to earn money. Yes, it is. And that’s why many start creating new blogs everyday. But it’s not an overnight success. It’s easy to create a blog but it takes a lot of time and hard work to build a healthy relationship with your readers and other bloggers. There are many people who quit blogging in under 6 months. The most common reasons why people quit blogging are:

  • No Money Even After Working Hard
  • No Comments On Posts
  • No Traffic

It’s not that if you work hard and update your blog daily, people will visit your blog and you can earn money. Promoting a new blog is also as important as updating a blog with fresh and unique contents.

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If you have created a new blog or planning to create one, then I should say this is the list of top 50 blogging tips that all new bloggers should keep in mind while blogging.

50 Blogging Tips For Beginners

  1. Post unique content on your blog.
  2. Write for a particular community.
  3. Don’t Spam on Other Blogs.
  4. Money is not everything.
  5. Update Blog Regularly.
  6. Don’t quit blogging if you don’t not earning enough.
  7. Make Plans before launching your blog.
  8. Don’t dream big, instead set up goals.
  9. Choose a perfect niche for your blog.
  10. Be a constant learner.
  11. Make a time table.
  12. Don’t copy contents from other blogs.
  13. Don’t always get topics from other blogs.
  14. Build an Mail list.
  15. Start making friends with other bloggers.
  16. Start commenting on other blogs.
  17. Keep your posts simple.
  18. Use images in the posts.
  19. Don’t apply for AdSense.
  20. Create a page for your blog on Facebook.
  21. Join social networking sites.
  22. Start building Twitter followers.
  23. Don’t display Ads on your blogs.
  24. Be kind towards your readers.
  25. Blog to help people, not for earning.
  26. Blogging is not an overnight success.
  27. There are millions of other blogs on the Internet.
  28. Have a simple and attractive blog design.
  29. Don’t overload your blog with widgets.
  30. Make your blog SEO friendly.
  31. Create sitemaps for your blog.
  32. Guest post on other blogs.
  33. Laziness shows blogging is not your thing.
  34. Promote your blog using social media.
  35. Don’t write posts for robots. Bring the real “you” out while writing posts.
  36. Link to other blogs in your niche.
  37. Ask opinions about your blog from it’s readers.
  38. Quality of your content matters, not quantity.
  39. Remove all distractions from your blog.
  40. First add quality contents to your blog, then post on other blogs.
  41. Subscribe to other blogs in your niche.
  42. Don’t participate in traffic exchange programs.
  43. Look for targeted traffic.
  44. Build a great About Me page.
  45. Make Subscribing, Commenting and Contacting on your blog easier.
  46. Don’t accept spam comments.
  47. Add useful widgets like Popular Posts, Related Posts.
  48. Don’t use popups on your blog.
  49. Add subscription boxes on different places.

You can find some of these tips also sites like About.com, Rss Specifications. So undoubtedly, these are the tips everyone would suggest for beginners. Few things can discourage bloggers, but we shouldn’t lose confidence. That’s what Pro Bloggers have done and the reason they are successful.

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