Twitter Bird LogoFew years back, search engine traffic (organic) was the main source of traffic for most blogs. But everything has changed. Now social media has become one of the main sources of traffic for many bloggers and Twitter is one among the best to drive traffic.

With hundreds of millions of registered users on Twitter, it has become one of the best places to drive traffic from. My blog is not getting too much of traffic from Google as this blog is only a few weeks old.

Take a look at the chart below showing the % of traffic from different sources my blog receives and you can see that most of the traffic comes from Twitter.

Traffic Sources Report

How To Drive Plenty Of Traffic From Twitter?

When I created my first blog few years back, I thought Twitter was not important and it can’t drive traffic to your blog. The funny part is I didn’t know how to use it and was not interested to learn because I was a Facebook addict those days.

But now my thoughts have changed. I’m an active Twitter user now and I’m receiving loads of traffic from Twitter and if you are finding difficulty in driving traffic from Twitter, then read on. Twitter traffic is highly targeted and you can get more comments on your blog.

1) Get more targeted followers

Everywhere you might have heard people say “Targeted Traffic” or “Targeted Followers”. Simply it’s “People with interests like yours”.

Imagine your interests are Cricket or Tennis. Would you find it interesting if I keep on talking about Football? No right? It’s the same everywhere. Even on Twitter! Your followers will find your tweets useful only if it’s of their interest.

You cannot always tweet according to your followers’ interest. So it’s always better to follow people on Twitter who would find your Tweets useful.

How to get more followers?

I have talked about getting more targeted followers above but you might have a question in mind – “How to get more followers?”.

Okay! I’ll answer that too.

Follow more people – Choose a person’s account whose interests are like yours and start following his/her followers. If your blog is about Blogging, then you can follow my followers because there are great chances of people following you back.

Be Active On Twitter – It’s very important to remember you are active on Twitter, if you want to get more followers. It’s not only in the case of Twitter, it’s true even on Facebook, G+ and every other social network. So start tweeting right now and reply to other’s tweets.

Here is a good article which tells the top ways to get more targeted followers fast.

2) Tweet at proper time

When Your followers use twitter the most?

No Twitter user can stay online 24/7. Different people use Twitter at different times. So not all your Tweets would get maximum exposure.

So how to know when my followers come online? Got this question in your mind? Okay! There are few tools that you could use to find when your followers use Twitter the most.

Looks cool right? You can use Tweriod, TweetStats or TweetReport for this. My followers are most active from 9 PM to 4 AM.

3) Use Twitter buttons on your blog


Using tweet buttons along with other social buttons on your blog is highly recommended. If you are not using it, then this is the right time to start using it.

It’s  effective because it is the easiest way people can share your blog posts on Twitter. Do you think a person would go to his Twitter account, type a title of your post, go to bitly or to shorten the url, post the tweet just to share your content? NO!

That’s why you should make use of tweet buttons on your blog because your readers can share the content on few clicks.

twitter-hashtag4) Make use of hash tags (#)

Use hash tags when you tweet because people would find your tweet when they search for it.

Hash tags are like keywords that you use for SEO. But don’t overuse hash tags as it can look spammy.

Read : How to find the best hashtags for your tweets?

5) Retweet other’s tweets

Retweets going viral

Promoting your product or content is fine but it’s also very important to RT (Retweet) other’s tweet.

If you RT others tweets actively, then you can expect them to do the same. Some may either thank you for the RT or in come cases RT your tweets too.

The more followers your followers have, the more traffic you get when they RT your tweets. So it’s always better to have people following you with high number of followers.

6) Use tools to automate tweets

Automate Tweets Using Bufferapp

You can get traffic to your old blog posts by automating tweets. There are many tools out there which you can use for this purpose.

Tweetily (WordPress Plugin)

Tweet Old Post (WP Plugin)




I used to get decent traffic from Twitter when I used to Tweet manually. But when I started to use these automation tools, traffic from Twitter increased to a large extent.

So I recommend using these tools because these are the best ways to promote old posts on your blog that can no longer be found on the homepage of your blog.

Your Thoughts

I’ve already told that my blog receives plenty of traffic from Twitter. If you are not using it, then start using it right now. Many top bloggers claim over half of their traffic is referred by Twitter.

Are you an active user of Twitter? How many visitors does Twitter send you everyday? Please let me and others know your thoughts on this.