Get More CommentsEvery blogger knows how important are comments for a blog. Comments can increase the overall quality of your blog and content.

Comments from readers are valuable to a blogger, and it can also motivate a blogger to come up with more fresh and quality content.

Even though comments play a crucial role in showing quality of content, they are not everything to a blog.

Content is still the KING! There are many other things too which shows the quality of a blog.

Many new bloggers give up blogging after few days or month because they don’t get more comments on the posts written by them.

There are many popular blogs where some receive hundreds of comments, while others receive less than half of it.

7 Tactics To Get More Comments On Your Blog

If you are not seeing enough comments on your blog, then not to worry.

Here are the 7 ways using which you can increase the number of comments on your blog.

1) Content Is The KING

get-more-comments-content-is-kingUpdate your blog with fresh and unique content regularly. Without quality content, a blog is nothing.

If you post something that is already on hundreds of other blogs, then it is not going to help you to get more comments and it wouldn’t look important to your readers.

No one likes to read a post on same topic twice.

So post unique and fresh content regularly to to get genuine comments and generate huge traffic from search engines.

2) Make Commenting Easy

Leaving comments should be as easy as possible. No one likes to register or log in just because they want to share something through comments.

There are many famous blogs, where readers must register/ sign in before they get the ability to leave comments.This can send away a lot of people from comment section.

So never use this kind of methods, and keep commenting simple and easy.

3) Ask Questions or Opinions

Sometimes, even if readers want to comment on your blog, they don’t find anything to comment.

So it’s always better to ask questions or their opinions at the end of each post.

At least one from ten readers would share their thoughts through comments if you use this tactic. You can even find this even in popular blogs like Mashable and they receive lots of comments on each of their posts.

I made a list of ten blogs and visited each one to see how many comments each post gets.ย Posts where the authors asked questions or opinions at the end of each posts got more comments compared to others.

4) Reply To Comments ASAP

Some bloggers think it’s not necessary to reply to comments. This thought is totally wrong.

You should reply to everyย comment on your blog. If you don’t have enough time, pick out some comments and reply to them.

Sometimes, replying to comments can start a conversation there, thereby increasing the number of comments.

When you reply to comments, people would feel that you are real and you care for them. This way you can increase comments on your blog.

5) Eradicate Spammy Comments

Don’t approve spammy comments just because you are not receiving enough quality comments.

I have already told that comments are not everything, so don’t lose the quality of your content by approving comments with multiple links, or links not related to your niche.

Accepting spammy comments can also effect your search engine rankings.

Using third-party commenting systems like Disqus handles all such comments, and toss it in to spam box by itself.

6) Send Email Notification

You can thank people for commenting, by sending Email after they comment.

A WordPress plugin called “Thank Me Later” does this job automatically. All those who comment on your blog will receive a Thank You Email few minutes after leaving comments (You can choose it from the Plugin option page).

These kind of Emails can invite them to visit your blog again.

7) Use CommentLuv System

Some people leave comments on different blogs to build backlinks. And their main targets are those blogs with CommentLuv enabled.

These blogs are the best places to build backlinks because you get two backlinks for every comment you leave.

You can choose one of your recent posts to display under your comments, making a CommentLuv enabled blog the best place to comment on.

CommentLuv enabled blogs always get more comments compared to those who don’t use CommentLuv.

Do you use these tactics to get more comments on your blog? Did this increase the number of comments on your blog. Please let me know through comments below.