Thousands of people networking with each other.Many new bloggers have wrong ideas about blogging. They think setting up a blog and updating it would bring a lot of readers to their blog which is 100% false. If you post something on your blog and hide somewhere under a blanket, no human is going to find you and the things you post on your blog.

Being a blogger, you must always connect with other bloggers. Many people say the best ways to make friendship with other bloggers are by commenting on their blogs, writing some awesome guest posts for them and being an active reader.

Learn how to increase comments on your blog.

Apart from doing those things, you can also network with other bloggers by joining different online blogging communities available out there. I have created a list of top online blogging communities for bloggers to promote their blogs and network with other bloggers.

Top Blogging Communities To Promote Your Blog

1) Bizsugar

Bizsugar allows you to share your posts and gives them online visibility according to the number of votes they receive. Visit it now.

2) Blog Engage

Blog Engage is a social bookmarking site where you can discover, vote and discuss interesting things. The downside of Blog Engage is that it costs around 20$ initially to register a standard account, but you can get lots of referral traffic. Read Blog Engage complete review now.

3) Bloggers

Bloggers is an online community actively used by millions of bloggers. Visit it now.

4) Blogster

Blogster is a free online blogging community. Create, Comment, Share, and promote your blog. Visit it now.

5) Blokube

Blokube allows you to submit your Blog Articles that would be reviewed and will be promoted by the admin or readers to the main page. Visit it now.

6) Fuelmyblog

On FuelMyBlog, you can find some great stuffs. You can also share your posts there, and get lots of post ideas. Visit it now.

7) Indiblogger

Indiblogger is a community for Indian bloggers. You can find thousands of Indian bloggers here. Visit it now.

9) Gather

Join Gather to connect with thousands of different writers and share your perspective. This is also a great place to get post ideas. Visit it now.

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Don’t just republish your posts on these communities and sit idle. Encourage other bloggers by commenting on articles that they post.

Also take a look at Einstine Muki’s list of 23 actively used Facebook group for bloggers. You can also use Facebook to get hundreds of referral traffic to your blog and to make friendship with other bloggers.

Did you find this list helpful? How many of them have you joined? Please let me know in the form of comments.