Blog EngageIf you are a blogger, you’ll know how important it is to get exposure to your works. Gaining new loyal readers is the main goal for every blogger and the most common methods of promotion are blog commenting, guest blogging, participating in forums etc.

Another good way to gain new readers is networking with other bloggers in your niche. You can connect with bloggers on social networking sites, using contact form on their blog or by participating in blogging communities like Blog Engage.

I’ve mentioned about Blog Engage in my list of top blogging communities, although it was only a short description. But I’ve decided to talk only about Blog Engage in this post because there are some great features that you won’t find on other free blogging communities.

What’s Blog Engage?

Blog Engage is a blogging community where thousands of bloggers share their works and get votes. As of now, there are over 2700 registered users on Blog Engage.

It is a community where bloggers help one another to make each other’s blog better. This is one of the best places to build relationship with other bloggers and gain new loyal readers.

Brian Belfitt is the founder and owner of Blog Engage.

Blog Engage Home Page

How Blog Engage Works?

When bloggers submit their recent posts on Blog Engage, they appear in the “Upcoming” section where they are read by thousands of other users.

The posts get votes from users and if a post gets desired number of votes, it reaches Blog Engage homepage. Users can “Vote” or “Bury” a post.

Benefits Of Using Blog Engage

There are many benefits of using Blog Engage:

1) Build Backlinks

A lot of bloggers these days are trying to please Google by various methods. Google use over 200 factors to rank a particular page. One among those 200 factors is your backlinks.

These days, quality outweighs quantity. Blog Engage has a PR of 4 and high authority score. Getting backlinks by sharing posts on Blog Engage can really add up SEO value.

2) Traffic

Like any other blogging community, you can get targeted traffic from Blog Engage. Traffic you receive will depend on different factors like the quality of your posts, number of votes your posts receive etc.

Whether 1000 people visit your blog from Blog Engage or 10 people, you can be sure that they are targeted ones which is what a blog needs.

Your posts will directly reach Blog Engage homepage if you choose “Direct To Homepage” account.

3) Build Your Network

Blog Engage is a blogging community and obviously most of its users will be bloggers. You can connect with bloggers in your niche by commenting on the posts they share in the community.

Bloggers on Blog Engage are very helpful and Brian Belfitt himself (owner of Blog Engage) is very supportive. Users on Blog Engage are serious about blogging and you can approach other bloggers for help when you are in need of it.

Blog Engage - Connect With People

4) Contests

A lot of blogging contests are hosted on Blog Engage every year. You can take part in the contest and win thousands of dollars. Blog Engage also lets you earn some quick bucks. 😉

But you need to put efforts into it as there will be many others participating in the contest too.

Blog Engage

Other Blog Engage Features

1) Add Friends

You can add friends on Blog Engage which I think is one of the best features. This way, you can build relationship with other bloggers in your niche.

Users on Blog Engage would love to connect with new bloggers. So it’s easy to connect with other users.

Blog Engage Friends

2) Private Chat & Messages

You can communicate with your friends on Blog Engage using private chat and messaging feature. This is another great feature to build your network and make new friends.

Blog Engage Private Messages

3) Blog Engage Groups

Like Facebook groups, there are also groups on Blog Engage where users participate and share ideas with each other. You can also promote your articles here.

Blog Engage Groups

Blog Engage also allows you to create your own group. So there is no need to worry if you don’t find a group related to your niche.

4) Affiliate Program

You can Join Blog Engage Affiliate Lights to earn 25% recurring commission for every sign up you refer from your blog. When you become a part of the Affiliate Lights, your account will be credited with $10.

You need to have a PayPal account to receive payments and the minimum payout is $50.

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Blog Engage Account Subscription Plans

There are five types of accounts on Blog Engage – Standard Account, Business, Platinum, Business Plus and Direct To Front Page account. You can choose the best plan according to your needs. But most bloggers will find features on Standard Account great.

  •   Standard Account  – @ GBP 19.99
  •   Platinum Account – @ GBP 9.99 / month
  •   Business Account – @ GBP 19.99 / month
  •   Business Plus Account – @ GBP 29.99 /month
  •   Direct to Front Page Account – @ GBP 99.99/month

Blog Engage Membership

Final Thoughts

Blog Engage is the best blogging community to drive traffic, build backlinks profile, build relationships with other bloggers, gain new readers and also make quick bucks by participating in contests.

I recommend this community for bloggers who want to network with other bloggers and build high authority backlinks. If you have any questions about Blog Engage, you can directly contact Brian. I’m sure he’ll help you.

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