Top Bloggers CollageWant to know how top bloggers manage to get tons of traffic to their blog? Yeah? Then read on!

Have you read the first part of Traffic Strategies in which Erik Emanuelli, Matt Smith and Neil Patel shared their great traffic strategies? If you have not done it already, then I suggest you not to miss it because they have shared some great strategies that you could use to get your blog to next level.

As I had promised, I’m here with the second part of the series and in this part 4 great bloggers have featured. They are Ehsan Ullah of GuideAndNews, Enstine Muki of EmFastIncome, Ammar Ali of AllBloggingTips, Avi Jit of SkyHitBlog.

I’m a regular reader of these blogs and they are great. I just love reading their blog posts. Do visit their blog at least once because they are impressive and you will find great information there.

I’m extremely thankful to all the bloggers for being kind enough to reveal their traffic secrets.

1) Ehsan Ullah (GuideAndNews)

Ehsan UllahTell me something about you.

My name is Ehsan Ullah (aka founder of the Guide to Blogging community) at I’m just 18 years old blogger, soccer lover and a true helper. Guide and News is a very cool community of bloggers who share and learn from each other, be one of them now.” Read more on About me page of my blog.

What do you do to get traffic to your blog?

Bloggers don’t need traffic, they need readers. Remember my words, there’s different between traffic and loyal readers. Bloggers should always struggle to get loyal readers and increase the readership of their blog, not the one time visitors. How to get loyal readers than, you may ask? The best strategy to get loyal readers for your blog I’ve ever learned is to convince other top blogger in your niche which already has readers to send readers your way. Now It’s up to you how will you convince them.

2) Enstine Muki (EmFastIncome)

Enstine MukiBro! Tell me something about you.

My name is Enstine Muki. I’m PHP developer, founder of and developer of EasyRetweet is a Twitter traffic tool for bloggers. CashDonator is a premium WP plugin that helps bloggers generate more income blogging. Absolutely, that’s the only 6 in 1 advertising and sales plugin I use on my blog.

My blog is I share top tips on Web Traffic, Making money online, SEO and Social Media.

Can you share your traffic strategies?

My Traffic Strategies? I have not re-invented the wheels. I use SEOPressor and get some traffic from Search engines but a greater part of my traffic is referral. Facebook sends the greatest proportion of it. I belong to over 20 Facebook groups where I pull this traffic.

Commenting is another great way I get traffic. In fact, one blogger told me he sees me commenting everywhere. That’s good way to get traffic. You have to leave value in your comments to attract clicks. I do more commenting on CommentLuv enable blogs

Guest posting is also one of the ways I get traffic. I post on some popular blogs that really send me traffic
I belong to some other blogging communities like BlogEngage, Bizsugar, etc where the traffic really keeps coming in.

The very important source of traffic I must not leave out if relationship building. The more I hook up with link-minder bloggers, the more my traffic grows. My friends visit my blog, share and comment my articles. Building relationship is very useful in blogging.

I have another sure, unfailing source of traffic – My list. Though it’s small and growing, it never fails and will never fail.
That’s it!

3) Ammar Ali (AllBloggingTips)

Tell me some thing about you.

I’m a young blogger. Passionate about blogging. I love to help other bloggers. I spend most of my time online. I’m also a student, doing software engineering.

Ammar AliAmmar! Your blog is great. What are your traffic strategies?

  • Making strong network in my niche. I do share others content on social network that are related to my niche. I often leave comment on other blogs too.
  • Social media – I’m very much active on social media. I do upload daily lot of useful quotes, photos and links on Facebook and twitter. It helps me to engage user as well getting lot of visits.
  • SEO – Most of my blog traffic comes from search engine, Which is good for any blog. I do optimize every article I write. Focusing on keywords that have high searches every month gives me lot of visits per day.. I’ve started using SEOPressor this month.
  • Writing pillar content once after a week, helps me to attract more traffic.
  • I often release widgets for blogs like Subscription Box, Popup like box and many similar widgets. I do link back to my blog with these codes.
  • I’ve also released a template. Which is giving me few hits. I’ll release more in the near future.

That’s not all. I’m working on other source of traffic too. Will reveal them soon on my blog.

4) Avi Jit (SkyHitBlog)

Avi JitTell me something about you.

Hi there, I’m Avi Jit, a high school guy possessing some genuine love for blogging. I always had a lot of interest in computer software and digital devices, and that interest brought me to the world of blogging.

Currently I own a blog (SkyHiT BloG), which share discussions on topics like blogging, SEO, marketing and tech with some awesome readers. We are very much like a community over there. 🙂 Apart from blogging, music is my best friend. It really turns me on.

Avi! Your blog is new, yet it’s receiving lots of traffic. How do you get them?

I don’t think there’s any secret source of traffic which will send a huge amount of traffic daily to your blog only, but not to the other blogs. Actually, a traffic source will never be built with the intention to help a single blog. The main traffic sources are, that we all know; search engines, social sites, the blogs itself and some other communities established to connect the bloggers with one another. Every blogger who knows the benefits, does guest posting, participates in social media and works on SEO; but the ones who act wisely with some good strategies steals the whole traffic.

Engagement after guest posting is very important. I try to meet the ones who responded to my writings on some social site or by visiting their blog. It is very important because, when someone comes to know about us and our work for the first time, that is the right time to approach them and make a connection with them. It is not because you want to make them your reader, but for that, you can reach more people through them and learn something new from them.

Promotion is another need which I think is more important than quality content. Yes, I mean it. What if you’ve quality content but no one to read them? So, promotion is very important; but everyone does that, right? You should also do, but in a cool way. Promotion doesn’t mean spamming and doing heavy guest posting. I believe that exchanging is a great way of promotion. You share his work and he will share yours, cool right? I just love this community feeling where one helps another. 🙂

I’ve many more to say but I can’t share everything here. I think the main secret of getting traffic is doing something unique. We all talk about doing unique things, but all that we do are not always unique. But still, if we try to do something different which is very useful for others, then we can get some good recognition in this blogging world. 🙂


These bloggers have shared some great strategies with us. This is the second and the last part of the Traffic Strategies series. I’m glad we got to learn many things from them. Hope you are too!

Do you think there is something common among what all 7 great bloggers have shared? Please share your thoughts on this through comments. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Social Networks! 😉

I hope you have enjoyed the Traffic Strategies series. Waiting to read your comments! 🙂