Blogging guide on how to blog With thousands of new blogs coming up everyday, no doubt why blogging is one of the most discussed topics on Internet.

Based on Technorati research, there are almost 3 million blogs created every month, and bloggers create over 1.6 million posts per day, or over 18 updates a second!

There is no secret about the fact that A to Z things about blogging could be found on Internet with a few taps on the mouse and the use of search engines making it more faster.

There are millions of articles, tutorials about blogging and thousands of different blogs focusing mainly on it.

To make everything easier for beginners, I have compiled all the guides, tips and resources I found useful into one single blogging guide so to save your time

Chapter 1: Introduction to Blogging
Chapter 2: Choosing the right niche
Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Blog (WordPress or Blogger)
Chapter 4: Publishing the First Post.
Chapter 5: Promoting your Blog.
Chapter 6: Everything About SEO
Chapter 7: Monetizing Your Blog

Let us begin the Blogging Guide!

Chapter 1: Introduction to Blogging

What is a blog, blogging guide

This chapter is meant specially for people who do not know anything about blogging. If you do not require introduction to blogging, then you can move on to next chapter.

What is a blog?

A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.

Who is a blogger?

A person who blogs about something is called a blogger.

What is a blog? by Darren Rowse

Everything about blogging @Wikipedia

Chapter 2 – Choosing The Right Niche

Choosing the best niche for your blog - guideChoosing the niche (topic you will blog about) is very important. It is crucial because your niche can make your blog successful or failure so spend a lot of time to choose the best niche for your blog.

If you blog about a niche that you are not passionate about, you will end up with no other choice other than quitting.

10 ways to choose the right niche for your blog by Fayaz

Did you choose the right niche? by Lynn Terry

3 Reasons why you shouldn’t choose a wrong niche by Danielle

Mistakes to avoid while choosing a niche by Perry Rosenbloom

Chapter 3 : Getting Started

Free blogging platform or self hosted - blogging guideYou can create a blog for free or you can have your own self hosted blog.

If you are blogging for fun, then creating a free blog would be the best option for you.

But if you are taking blogging seriously and want to earn money from it in future, then invest a little sum of money on your blog to make it look more professional.

Nowadays, spammers are creating thousands of spam blogs everyday because of the availability of free blogging platforms and some people don’t trust blogs created on free platforms.

Should You Self-Host Your Blog? by Jane Friedman

Advantages and Disadvantages of using free blogging platforms by Pauline Cabrera

Disadvantages of Self Hosted WordPress Blogs by Sharon

Free Hosted Blog – If you want to create a free blog, there are a number of free platforms. The best ones include, and Every platform has its own unique features and limitations. Vs (Free) by Thejas Kamath

Top 10 Free Blogging Platforms by Paul Crowe

Advantages and Disadvantages of using the Blogger platform by Pauline

Creating a Free Blog

Creating a blog with Blogger by Susan Gunelius

Choosing the Right Blog Template by Aaron

Creating a Free blog with by WordPress

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme by Althaf Ahmed

Beautiful Blogger Templates by Hongkiat Lim

Self-Hosted Blog – If you are ready to invest on your blog, then that’s great. It means you’re blogging seriously and have passion for it.

Before you create a self-hosted blog, make sure you:

Choosing the right domain nameBuy a Domain Name & Web Host – You need to have a domain name and Web Host before you can install WordPress and create a blog.

Most Hosting Providers give you a free domain name when you register a Web Host with them.

The best and most recommended Web Hosting providers are HostGator and BlueHost. These providers are highly reputed for customer service and quality of their products.

HostGator Vs BlueHost – Who’s the Winner?

Choose the right Domain Name – You should choose a domain name that is short and can be easily remembered.

Domain name can make or break your blog. Your domain name will have a huge impact on your search engine rankings (Don’t worry! You will learn about this in the next chapters).

Choosing the Best Domain Name by Randfish

Creating a Self-Hosted Blog

Setting Up A Self Hosted WordPress Blog by Siteground

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme by Althaf Ahmed

Beautiful WordPress Themes by Hongkiat Lim

Must Have WordPress Plugins by Stuart

Top 100 Free Plugins of 2012 by Tom Ewer

Make Your Blog Load Faster by Ditesco

NOTE: I’m offering a Free WordPress Installation Service for those people who do not have knowledge about WordPress.

Chapter 4 : Publishing your First Post

Finding post ideasNow that you have set up your blog and made it look professional it’s the time to publish your first post. But Mmm…What to publish? Got this question in your mind? It’s okay! I had this question too before before I published the first post.

Read these awesome articles to get ideas to write the very first post on your blog.

Writing your very first post by Dan & Jennifer

Things to do before publishing the first blog post by Eric Siu

Chapter 5: Promotion

So far you have chosen a perfect niche to blog about, a right domain name, blazing speed Web Host, set up your blog and published your very first post.

So far so good! But you have completed only 50% of the tasks.

Blog promotion GuideYou have successfully created a blog and now you are a blogger! But you must spread words about your blog wherever you can on Internet. Without promotion, no one would know that you’ve just created a wonderful blog.

Be present on places where there is potential traffic and the best places include social networking sites, forums, high authority blogs related to your niche.

Blog commenting and guest posting on high authority blogs are often considered as the best way to get quality traffic and new readers. These are also used to build quality backlinks to boost search engine rankings.

Powerful ways to promote your new blog by Jeff Dunn

Ways to get traffic to your new blog by John Phillips

Why Social Network Promotion is important for bloggers? by Kathleen Garber

Elements to successful Social Media profile by Kristi Hines

Getting tons of traffic from Twitter by Thejas Kamath

Importance of Blog Commenting by Antti Kokkonen

Importance of Guest Blogging by Bamidele

Chapter 6: Everything About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Everything about SEOSEO or Search Engine Optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

WordPress is a the best blogging platform preferred by most pro bloggers because it could be easily made search engine friendly with availability of wide variety of SEO plugins like SEOPressor and WordPress SEO by Yoast and it handles 90% of SEO related things by itself.

Importance of SEO by Webnauts

Everything you need to know about SEO by SEOmoz

Optimizing your WordPress blog for higher rankings by Joost de Valk

Chapter 7 – Monetizing Your Blog

How to monetize your blog - GuideHere comes the most interesting topic – Monetizing your blog! It is nothing but generating revenues from a blog using different available methods.

There are different methods to earn money from your blog like affiliate marketing, paid content, advertising etc.

Some people blog only to make money online. People think blogging is the easiest way to earn money online. It’s indeed the easiest way, but it requires Hard Work, Patience, Time, Time and Time.

Many bloggers quit blogging under 6 months when they don’t see money rolling in.

So don’t blog for money! Work hard in creating unique and quality content for your blog. Money will start rolling in by itself with time.

Right time to monetize your blog by David Risley

The ultimate guide to monetize your blog by Salman Ahsan

Why Affiliate Marketing is better than Adsense? by Mohammad Mustafa

Monetization mistakes you should avoid by Marian Schembari

Top ways to monetize your blog (INFOGRAPHIC) by Carol Lynn Rivera


You cannot earn money from blogging in a short time. It takes a long time before you can see a steady income from it. Always remember not to blog for money!!

I’ve spent hours in creating this comprehensive blogging guide. If you have found this guide useful, please share this post with your friends and help them to create a better blog.

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