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How to Write a Fantastic Blog Post in 45 Minutes

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If I’m spending more than 45 minutes on an article, I get a little nervous. I know that every minute I spend on a post is a minute I don’t have for marketing, sharing, and basically just building an awesome business. If all your time is spent writing, you might have a killer blog with […]

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Select All Your Facebook Friends And Send Fan Page Invitation?

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Now more than half of any blog traffic comes through social networking sites. So, your presence on social networks does bring a lot of readers to your blog. One of such social networking sites is Facebook. Almost all bloggers and marketers have got a Facebook page, where they connect with their fans and customers, post […]

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WordPress Plugin To Setup Google Authorship

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Google allows you to link your Google Plus profile page to your Google search results. This feature was made available by Google a couple of months back and is working great. It makes search result look attractive and you can attract more user to click on your content by setting up Authorship. To add to […]

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