If you ask any pro blogger about tracking visitors on your blog, most of them would suggest you to use Google Analytics. If Analytics show very few visitors, you will be confused whether it you or somebody else.

Guess what? Google even counts your visits on your blog. For proper tracking of your progress, you must get accurate Analytics report, which is difficult when you have only a bunch of visitors. So you must use all possible ways to ignore own visits to your blog. This is recommended to new bloggers like myself.

There are many sorts of complicated ways to ignore your visits, but  it would be great to have an easy way to do that. In this post I’m going to tell about the same. Easily ignore the page views made by you on your own blog.

How To Ignore Your Own Visits In Analytics?

The best and the easy way to do this is by using a Chrome extension. If you are using IE or Mozilla Firefox, then switch on to Google Chrome right now (because it is a lot better than IE. IE is way too slow), or at least use Google chrome when you visit your own blog. Once you have switched to Google Chrome, you can go to Chrome Web store and install an extension called Analytics Blocker.

Once you add the extension to your browser, you will be taken to the options page, where you can add websites on which you want to block Google Analytics. If you use only http://domainname.com/, the extension will ignore only your visits to homepage. So you can add http://yourdomain.com/* to ignore your visits to whole website.

The other good thing about Analytics Blocker is that a small red mark will appear whenever you visit a page, where Google Analytics is blocked. (See the screenshot below..)


Analytics Blocker Chrome Extension


What were your reactions when Analytics showed you the number visitors to your blog for the first time? Were you sure that those were not the visits of your own? Let me know your answers through comments below.