alexa rankingWe all know how important Alexa ranking is for a blog. Advertisers consider a blog’s Alexa ranking to determine the quality and authority of the blog.

Also when you write a guest post for a high authority blog, they would first check the Alexa ranking for your blog before accepting it. So Alexa ranking is very important.

I have seen few blogs which receive plenty of traffic, but their Alexa ranking is so poor. It’s because Alexa uses different algorithm to rank blogs. It uses data only from users who have installed Alexa toolbar on their browser.

So a blog’s traffic or Google PR can’t get you better Alexa ranking. But you can do few things like concentrating more on getting reviews to lower Alexa ranking (Lower rank means better, Google’s rank is 1).

I’m not going to concentrate on everything that you can do to lower your Alexa ranking.

Get A Free Alexa Review From Me

Alexa reviews have a major impact on your Alexa ranking. So the more and better reviews you get for your blog, the lower your Alexa ranking would be.

It is very difficult to get reviews for a new blog so I decided to offer free reviews for your blog, if you can do the same for me in return.

Instructions To Get A Free Review

1) Go to Alexa and write a review for my blog.

2) Tell me your Alexa username and give me the link to your blog page on Alexa. (You can use the comment form below.)

3) I’ll write an awesome review for your blog. 🙂


Please avoid writing “Single Line” reviews like “Good Blog” or “Awesome Blog”.

It can take up to 1-3 days for me to write a review for your blog.

If I miss your blog, then please contact me at 🙂