Hey there! I’m participating in a guest blogging contest at Bloggingcage.com. I’m calling in all my readers to help me to win the blogging contest.

Guest Blogging Contest

Details of the guest blogging contest

The guest blogging contest is hosted by Kulwant Nagi, founder of Bloggingcage.com. Many bloggers are already involved in the contest and he is inviting even more bloggers to participate in the contest.

This contest has attracted a lot of sponsors which made it possible for Kulwant Nagi to giveaway awesome prizes worth $650+.

The contest went live on 25th of March and will end on 25th of April. This is an amazing opportunity for bloggers to build relationship with other bloggers, get traffic, build authoritative backlinks and at the same time win awesome prizes.

If you are interested to participate in the contest, enter right now. Know more about the contest.

How it works?

You can be a part of the contest by submitting your best content. The article must be unique and contain 600+ words. Article must be well-written and well-formatted. Once your post gets accepted, you can start promoting your post to earn more points.

How to earn points?

1 Like – 2 Points

1 StumbleUpon – 5 Points

1 Tweet – 5 Points

1 Plus – 10 Points

1 Comment – 20 Points

Top 3 scorers will be chosen as the winners and the prizes are:

First Winner

  1. $150 + $25 +$25 cash prize.
  2. $219/year WPMUDev Membership.

Second Winner

  1. $100 +$25 +$25 cash prize.
  2. $77/year worth premium membership from BloKube

Third Winner

  1. $50 + $25 cash prize.
  2. $57/year SwiftThemes membership.

Here’s how you can help me

Help me win blogging contest

In the contest, I’ve written a post on the topic “7 Out-of-the-Box Ways To Get Thousands of Twitter Followers”.

You can help me to win the contest by leaving your awesome comments and clicking on share buttons. Click the link below to land on my guest post page.

>>>7 Out-of-the-Box Ways To Get Thousands of Twitter Followers<<<

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WP Kube – WordPress resource site


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