guest posting strategyGuest posting is the devil of modern Internet marketing and the ultimate back door to easy SEO, so what do you do? Do you work for free and for someone else for the chance of rising through the search engine results pages? Or do you avoid writing guest posts and keep working on the hundreds of other ways you can increase your websites SEO?

If you have decided that you do not mind working to add things to another person’s blog, then here are a few tips to add to your guest post strategy.

Look through them and then integrate them into your current guest posting strategy to help it reach full speed as fast as possible.

Use Google Alerts to find blogs to post on

google alerts guest postGoogle alerts will email you if a blog post is created about the topic of your choice. Your topic can be defined by a few keywords if you like.

When it emails you, you should check out the blog to see if it is relevant to your niche. If it is, you should contact the blog and ask them if they will allow you to guest post on the blog.

Ask complete nobodies if you can guest post on their blog

Guest post questionsDo not just look for the high ranking blogs that have a “submit a guest post” section. Ask complete nobodies who have set up their blog to do their own thing. They may not have a process for taking in guest posts, but your competition for such endeavors in going to be nil. So why not just go with it and see if they will accept your guest post.

Offer to pay to upload a guest post to their blog

Pay for guest postMoney makes the world go round, and nobody said that you cannot bribe people with blogs. They are probably so used to receiving a few cents per day from their affiliate adverts, that they have forgotten what real dollars look like. Offer them a bit of cash as a donation for allowing you to put your guest post on their blog.

Hire a writer to write your guest posts

hire a writerYou may not have the time to write your guest posts, and you may not have skills to create good guest posts. Whatever your reasons are, why not simply hire a writer to do it for you? You are capable of painting your walls but you still hire a painter and decorator. You are capable of washing your car but you still take it through the car wash.

There are thousands of writers out there. Some will provide you with some poorly created mash up of words for cents, and some will cook you up some 500 words of gold for around $40-50. Choose a writer to suit your needs and let him or her take the burden or writing.

Hire a blog post marketer to sell your posts

Sell blog postWhen you guest blog post it means that you have to approach blog owners and sell your idea and your blog post to them. They do not pay you money, but they do buy into the idea and allow you to post the content on their blog. Why not hire someone to do this for you?

Finding the right blog for your content is an interminable uphill struggle, and then finally getting someone to agree to post it on their blog is just horrible. So you should hire someone else to do it for you.

Search the web for websites adverting guest post friendly blogs

Guest post enabled blogsThere are lots of writers who will publish the names of the blogs who do not mind posting guest posts. If you do a good Google search you will find a few lists on web pages that give you the names of blogs that will allow you to guest post. Find them and apply to them to try and get your guest blog post uploaded online.

What are your guest post strategy? Please let me know it through comments below.