HostGator vs BlueHost

HostGator vs BlueHost

Running a blog or a website on a good host is very important. When people decide to start a blog, a situation comes where they find it difficult to decide which web hosting company to go with.

You’ll find several web hosting companies in the Internet, but the top three and most recommended web hosting companies are Hostgator, BlueHost and DreamHost. Many people find it difficult to see the clear winner among these three.

People have asked me to review Hostgator Vs DreamHost, Bluehost Vs Hostgator, BlueHost Vs DreamHost and this is Hostgator Vs Bluehost comparison. I’ll compare other two soon.

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User Interface

It’s important to have a user-friendly control panel, specially for people who are new to this and who do not know how to install web scripts like WordPress, Joomla etc. Both HostGator and BlueHost accompany Cpanel.

HostGator use a great customized Cpanel but is a bit more complicated than BlueHost. Newbies may take a while to understand this Cpanel fully, but once you learn I’m sure you will fall in love with it.

Whereas, BlueHost provide an attractive Cpanel with easy-to-understand features. BlueHost offer one-click WordPress script installation which is great for those people who want to create a new blog.

Winner : HostGator

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Customer Support

When it comes to Web Hosting Companies, having a great team of support is mandatory. Whenever you face issues with your website or server, the support team must be able to solve it ASAP to prevent site downtime.

There is an understanding team of support available at HostGator. Support is available 24*7*365 and you can contact them using different methods. You can Create a ticket or Use the live chat feature or Call the customer service.

BlueHost also provides good customer service, as the main goal of the company is to provide good customer support. Like HostGator, BlueHost also provide Email Support, Live Chat and Phone Support.

Winner : Tie

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BlueHost and HostHator are two best and most recommended web hosting because of their performances. Both HostGator and BlueHost provide 99.9% uptime guarantee. HostGator sites are hosted in Dual Xeon servers at Dallas. top-of-the-line Dual Xeon in their data centers at Dallas. The data centers are well equipped and connects to 10 backbone providers.

BlueHost is they use CPU Segregation technology which can intelligently control CPU and protect your site from bad users.

Also, HostGator invest millions of dollars every year in new technologies for better performance.

Winner : HostGator

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Features Comparison

Hostgator Vs BlueHost Features

Hostgator Vs BlueHost Features

As you can see, HostGator doesn’t give a free domain with Web Hosting registration, which means you’ll have to pay an extra $12 for the domain name. You’ll get a free domain name with BlueHost.

Also, BlueHost provide any time money back guarantee, whereas HostGator give a guarantee only for 45 days.

Winner : You Decide

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Web Hosting Plans

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As you can see HostGator Hatchling Plan costs less than BlueHost, but it allows you to host only a single domain. If you want to host multiple domains, then you can choose Baby Plan or you can go with BlueHost.

Winner : HostGator

My Recommendation

I’ve compared important features of both HostGator and BlueHost above. You can see HostGator is the clear winner. BlueHost performs well but HostGator is better than BlueHost.

The only downside of HostGator is that they do not give away a free domain. A very few people decide to move away from HostGator after registering with them.

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Still Not Convinced HostGator is the Best?

If you are still not convinced that HostGator is the best, check out the comments below. See what existing HostGator customers have to say about their service.

Hostgator vs bluehost hostgator is the best