Improve Alexa Ranking

Improve Alexa Ranking

Alexa Rank is what most bloggers care about after Google Page Rank. Even I am working hard to improve Alexa ranking of my blog because Alexa rank is one of the important factors that decides the quality and growth of a blog.

How a blog is ranked on Alexa?

Alexa, a website information company, ranks a website based on the amount of traffic recorded from users who have Alexa Toolbar installed on their browsers.

Unlike Page Rank, lower the Alexa ranking, the better and the ranks are updated once a day or sometimes twice.

How important is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa rank has a great importance in blogging world. Quality of a website or blog is determined based on different factors like domain age, Google Page Rank, authority score etc., and another important factor is a its Alexa ranking.

There are many advantages in ranking better on Alexa:

  1. Over 75% of advertisers look at Alexa ranking of your blog to determine its quality. Better the Alexa rank, the more you will earn.
  2.  Before accepting your guest post, blog owners would take a look at your blog’s Alexa ranking. Some blogs only accept guest posts from blog owner’s having Alexa ranking lesser than 100k.
  3. When you sell your blog, buyers will look at your blog’s Alexa ranking before fixing a rate.
  4. You can watch your blog’s growth using Alexa ranking and it boosts your confidence when Alexa rank increases.

How to improve Alexa Ranking?

Time To Improve Alexa Ranking

Time To Improve Alexa Ranking

First of, let me remind you that you cannot jump from 100,000,000 to 100k in a single day. It takes time to improve Alexa ranking but you can speed up things and rank lesser than 100k quicker by doing few things.

Since Alexa rankings are calculated on the amount of traffic your blog receives, you must concentrate on building traffic by publishing quality contents on your blog.

1) Claim your site

If you have a new blog then you need to claim your blog on Alexa to start getting an Alexa rank. Just like verifying your site on Webmaster Tools and Analytics, you need to verify your ownership on Alexa as well.

Learn how to claim a site on Alexa. It may take some time to get Alexa ranking for the first time and the initial ranking would be very high in number. It may touch millions. So don’t worry. It’s normal.

2) Use Widgets on your blog

Alexa collects traffic data of a blog from Toolbar and widgets. Every visitor on your blog wouldn’t have Alexa Toolbar installed. So you can make it easier for Alexa to collect traffic data by using Alexa widgets and buttons on your blog.

I’ve used Alexa widgets on my blog initially and have seen improvement in the rankings. Now you wouldn’t see them on my blog because I want white spaces on my blog.

3) Encourage your readers to use Alexa Toolbar

Encourage your friends and readers to install Alexa Toolbar on their browser.

If you have a tech blog then you can improve Alexa ranking easily because your visitors would be techy guys and most of them would have Toolbar already installed.

4) Build backlinks

Improve alexa rank - link buildingAlexa displays the total number of unique referring domain. However, it isn’t accurate and it takes a long time to update. But this shows that Alexa uses the number of backlinks as a ranking factor.

Unlike Google, Alexa not only counts DoFollow links, it also counts Nofollow backlinks. So don’t hesitate to build Nofollow links. You can also get plenty amount of traffic by building Nofollow links.

Remember to build backlinks from different sites as Alexa counts unique referring domains and not total number of backlinks.

You can build backlinks easily by commenting on different blogs. Leave two comments on two different blogs instead of one blog.

You can also build backlinks by other methods like participating in different Forums, using social bookmarking and social networking sites etc.

4) Reviews

You can easily manipulate the ranking by having more reviews. Ask your friends and readers to write a review for you.

I’ve a post published on my blog where I offer free Alexa review exchange. This method really works.

There is a Facebook group where people exchange Alexa reviews. You can join the group and contact group members to get Alexa reviews.

5) Update your blog regularly

I’ve seen that my Alexa rank of my blog improves by a huge number when I publish a new post on my blog.

Updating your blog regularly can have an impact on Alexa ranking of your blog.

Should you use free services to boost up Alexa ranking?

For everything on Internet, there are shortcuts. If you want to increase Twitter followers, or Facebook likes or YouTube views, there are online services which you could use.

You can use upmyrank to give a boost to your blog’s Alexa ranking. These services manipulate Alexa rank by exchange of traffic. You can use these services to improve Alexa ranking in a very short time, but in long run this method wont work because Alexa ranks are updated everyday and if your traffic falls, Alexa rank drops too.