Over the past 15 years, blogging has exploded. 15 years ago, there were only a few blogs on internet. But as the year passed by, blogging has become a great communication medium online.

Thousands of people blog these days. Some do it for fun while others take it seriously to make quick bucks online. Even online businesses use blogging as a communication tool online to attract visitors and convert them into their customers.

As you are a visitor of SayBlogger which is a blog for bloggers, obviously you are a blogger Β and already into blogging ;). But how well do you know what’s happening in the blogosphere? Do you know which group of people read blogs? or Do you know how many blogs there are in the Internet?

People love to know facts and that made me to spend hours in creating this infographic, in which I’ve summed up important blogging figures and facts about blogging.

This is my first infographic, so please let me know about your views on it through comments. Each comment will be an encouragement and the more comments and shares I receive, the more infographic I’ll create in future. πŸ™‚

Note: Information displayed in the infographic is collected from various authoritative sources, and I do not guarantee that they are correct!

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