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4 Common SEO Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

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If you like to keep up to date with the world of SEO, you’ve probably read countless articles about what you should be doing to improve your search engine rankings. But sometimes, what you shouldn’t be doing is just as important. Spending hours of valuable time doing everything that’s recommended can be ruined if you […]

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10 Signs That Indicate You Are Going to Quit Blogging

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Recently, I got a chance to read a post on my friend’s blog under the topic “Not getting expected results from blogging?”  The post had been an eye opener and he minced no words in explaining the different protocols which were not followed by some of the bloggers and advised those to ‘Quit blogging’ who […]

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4 Helpful Tips to Increase Your Blog Followers

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The secret to success with any blog is to have a long list of subscribers that are ready and waiting to share your content. However, whether you’re writing a personal memoir blog or a business blog full of helpful information, how do you attract an audience that sticks around? The Internet is full of information […]

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[Infographic] Blogging Figures and Real Facts About Blogging

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Over the past 15 years, blogging has exploded. 15 years ago, there were only a few blogs on internet. But as the year passed by, blogging has become a great communication medium online. Thousands of people blog these days. Some do it for fun while others take it seriously to make quick bucks online. Even […]


Help Me to Win Guest Blogging Contest at Bloggingcage

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Hey there! I’m participating in a guest blogging contest at I’m calling in all my readers to help me to win the blogging contest. Details of the guest blogging contest The guest blogging contest is hosted by Kulwant Nagi, founder of Many bloggers are already involved in the contest and he is inviting […]

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Blog Engage – The Best Blogging Community For Bloggers

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If you are a blogger, you’ll know how important it is to get exposure to your works. Gaining new loyal readers is the main goal for every blogger and the most common methods of promotion are blog commenting, guest blogging, participating in forums etc. Another good way to gain new readers is networking with other […]

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Improve Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog With These 5 Ways

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Alexa Rank is what most bloggers care about after Google Page Rank. Even I am working hard to improve Alexa ranking of my blog because Alexa rank is one of the important factors that decides the quality and growth of a blog. How a blog is ranked on Alexa? Alexa, a website information company, ranks […]

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How to Write a Fantastic Blog Post in 45 Minutes

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If I’m spending more than 45 minutes on an article, I get a little nervous. I know that every minute I spend on a post is a minute I don’t have for marketing, sharing, and basically just building an awesome business. If all your time is spent writing, you might have a killer blog with […]

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How to Create a Successful Guest Posting Strategy

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Guest posting is the devil of modern Internet marketing and the ultimate back door to easy SEO, so what do you do? Do you work for free and for someone else for the chance of rising through the search engine results pages? Or do you avoid writing guest posts and keep working on the hundreds […]


Giveaway – 2 Premium WordPress Themes From MyThemeShop and $15 Cash

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Hello guys, I’m very much excited to tell you about the first giveaway on SayBlogger. We are giving away Two Premium WordPress Themes and $15 Hot Cash right into your PayPal account. Before proceeding further, I want to let you know that this giveaway is hosted by Bashir Ahmad of Ajnabii and co-hosted by me. […]