Recently, I got a chance to read a post on my friend’s blog under the topic “Not getting expected results from blogging?”  The post had been an eye opener and he minced no words in explaining the different protocols which were not followed by some of the bloggers and advised those to ‘Quit blogging’ who had not achieved their expected results in this career. I overcame my initial shock on this piece of advice to delve deep into this matter which is fact.

Quit Blogging

Quit Blogging

This is when I decided I should write about this. This has paved my way for this post which is about the “Top signs that show you are going to quit blogging” . Hope this post brings the awareness to the bloggers about the bad signs in blogging and helps them in shaping up their blogging in better ways.

Top Signs Which Push Bloggers To Quit Blogging

#1. Always writing less informative posts with grammatical mistakes

As a blogger you should be good in communication and should be well versed in the tactics of posting the killer posts that would keep your readers and followers glued to you.  If you fail in this mission, then that means there is the first sign of you to quit blogging and gonna leave blogosphere sooner or later.  The fact is your readers  always look up to you to provide them  an informative post with a good grammar to expand their knowledge.

#2. Writing the topics same as other bloggers

Readers love to read unique topics and expect informative content in your blogs. Repeated topics with repetitive information or presenting the same information as other bloggers or your failure to update your blog with the latest trends will keep you out of the race.  Boring your readers with repetitive information is a sure sign that you are going to quit blogging career.

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#3. Not targeting your visitors and just updating the blog

Quit Blogging - Target Audience

The blogs should be written in a way that there is no useless data in it. This is the most common mistake I see where bloggers update the blogs for sole purpose of updating it and not presenting any useful information. The idea behind this is the assumption that search engines are crawling the blogs and hence just keeping my space updated with any information even if it is irrelevant will help us attain success fast. Updating your blog with irreverent useless content for your readers would make you to quit blogging soon as you are not targeting the visitors and not solving their needs and problems.

#4. Comparing yourself with other bloggers

Every blogger should have their own strategy to do blogging. Comparing yourself with other bloggers on how many followers and subscribers that she/he has or on how it is possible for them to write good blog post daily or his/her Blog’s PR is good and why not mine and so on is a bad trend . This would in turn affect your performance and pushes you to quit blogging due to its negative impact on you.

#5. Too much of stress on not earning money with blog


Blogging might be fun or hobby for some people. If you’ve started blogging to achieve monetary benefits and if you’re unsuccessful in it, this would increase the stress in you to quit blogging. Even though we are aware that blogging needs patience and persistence, receiving little money or no money from the blogs would make you oversee the truth and stop blogging.

#6. Frustration and lack of interest

If your focus is not on blogging related stuffs and if you’re not interested to pursue this career due to your other commitments, then quit blogging is the good option. Any work done without interest is meaningless and would lead to annoyed readers. Hence if you’re frustrated with this work and this had led to your lack of interest then better stop blogging.

#7. Doing multitasking and working in wrong direction

You already know that the multitasking reduces the productivity of bloggers. Yes, but I do agree that we should do many tasks like writing post for own blog/blogs, guest posts, blog commenting, Social activities and some honest works to improve your online presence. If you think that all these things should be done with the snap of your fingers then you are wrong. Working in wrong direction and using shortcuts to achieve this would lead you to quit blogging as this would decrease your efficiency and reputation.

#8.  Just fixing the target to see the results and no goals

I came across many blogs where the bloggers were advised to wait for 6 or 8 months to get good traffic or to earn money with it. Getting good results is based on the performance of the individual bloggers and on how they work effectively. If you started a blog, worked seldom in it, expected the good traffic or money in the short period and not getting anything finally, then it would definitely make you to quit blogging. I have come across many bloggers who’ve attained good results within a short span as they had perfect goals to reach.

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#9.  Not in a mood to learn new stuffs

It is a known fact that the blogging related stuffs like Google algorithm, SEO, plug-ins etc. are updating frequently. Any blogger who want to perform well should be open to learn new technological developments related to blogging. If you are not in a mood to update yourself with recent happenings then it is one of sign that you are going to quit blogging.

#10.  Not making community and not helping others

Quit Blogging - Help People

The major part of the blogging success comes from the community around it. Many successful and influential bloggers are still ready to help others and increase their relationship circle with it. So it is possible for them to achieve great things from the inspiration and appreciation from the blogging community which they’ve created around themselves. If you have no community with you and if you are not ready to help others, then it is high time for you to quit blogging.

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I believe Blogging is a good thing and has brought me many benefits. This blog post has not been posted to frighten you, but just keep you informed on the top signs that you should not ignore. A blogger who does not have any of these signs is sure to be successful and thrive well. A blogger who sees these signs in his/her career should try to overcome them and evade them in future to shine well. If so, I am sure, you will never quit blogging.

Post your comments/replies/arguments and help all the bloggers find this post more useful.