Now more than half of any blog traffic comes through social networking sites. So, your presence on social networks does bring a lot of readers to your blog. One of such social networking sites is Facebook. Almost all bloggers and marketers have got a Facebook page, where they connect with their fans and customers, post updates about their blogs.

Often newbies create Facebook page of their blog and try out various ways to increase the number of fans. The best method to increase fans of your page is by using the “Invite Friends” feature on Facebook. But it has always been a trouble to select all your friends one by one. Moreover if you have thousands friends on Facebook, it would take hours to select all your friends.

Long back, there were different kinds of scripts and extension that made this task easier. But after the redesign of Facebook (Facebook Timeline), those scripts couldn’t handle this task.

Don’t worry guys! A new Google Chrome extension has arrived. The name of this extension is “Facebook Invite Them All”. With this extension, you can easily choose all your friends and invite them to like your page. Let me tell you about this chrome extension.

Facebook Invite Them All Chrome Extension

Facebook Invite Them All lets you select all your friends just on a single click. Its quite easy and simple to use this extension. Let me show you how to use this chrome extension. Head to Facebook Invite Them All extension page and install it on Google Chrome. You should now see it’s icon next to the URL bar of your browser. The icon might be small but later it will save a lot of your time. This is the only thing that the extension will install on your browser. This extension doesn’t have any options/settings page.

Facebook Invite Them All Extension For Chrome

Facebook Invite Them All

Go to the Facebook Page for which you want to invite all your friends. You should be the admin of the page if you want to invite your friends. So be sure that you view the Fan Page as admin.

Under Build Audience, Choose “Invite Friends”. Now a popup will appear where you can select your friends. Since you have already installed the extension on your browser, you don’t need to select your friends one by one. It’s simple from here. Just click on the Facebook Invite Them All icon that appeared after you installed the extension. It will take a while if you have lots of friends.

Invite Friends On Fan Page

Invite Friends On Fan Page

I think this extension has made inviting a lot easier. Last time, I had to select each of my friends one by one, which took over 30 minutes. This time I did the same task in less than a minute. This extension is great!

Do you think this Facebook Invite Them All extension is great? Did you try using this extension for inviting friends to Events and Groups? Please let me know if this has worked for you through comments below.

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