read-my-postDo you publish posts on your blog regularly? If you do, then that’s great. But what do you do once you hit the “PUBLISH” button? I have seen many bloggers working hard on building quality CONTENT but they don’t promote their content once they hit PUBLISH.

CONTENT IS KING! We hear that everywhere and yeah a blog cannot survive for long without quality content. But promoting a post is equally important especially for a new blog. In this post I’m going to share all the things I do after publishing a post on my blog and they work like a charm.

When your traffic stats don’t show you a rise in the traffic when there is a new content, it means you are not doing enough work after publishing a post. I spend the same amount of time to create a content and to promote it because I know how important it is.

Things You Should Do After Publishing A Post

1) Social Networks

Social Networking sites are the best to get traffic and we all know that. If you have strong connections on different social networks then you can expect a huge amount of referral traffic to your blog.

Share the post on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Please don’t forget to remember to use Eye-Catching Pictures, Descriptions and Titles while sharing the post on because these are the things that people will look for before clicking on the link.

You can also encourage your friends to share your content on social networking sites. If you have friends who own a blog, then they would never mind doing that but remember to do when they ask for the same.

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2) Submit To Search Engines

It’s great to get traffic from Search Engines as they are more targeted. So you should submit your post to search engines. Start with Google because Google is the best search engine and is used by majority of Internet users. Usually Google will discover your content by itself, but it’s recommended to submit your link to Google to speed up the process. You can submit your link from Webmaster Tools.

If your blog publishes news articles then you should do this thing first because news articles can go viral if Google adds it to Google News index.

You can also ping your blog using services like Justping, Pingomatic. To make the job easier, WordPress allows you to add list of ping addresses to automatically ping when there is a new content.

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3) Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites are very popular in blogosphere because they are used by bloggers to drive tons of traffic to their blog. In addition to that, you also get free high PR backlinks which means better rankings on search engines. Some of them are No Follow while others are Do Follow (passes link juice).

Popular social bookmarking sites I use are Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit and You can get thousands of traffic from social bookmarking sites (depending on the content).

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Email Icon4) Send an Email To Your Subscribers

Send an Email to your subscribers telling them there is a new post on your blog. This is the best way to get targeted traffic to the new post quickly. That’s why most bloggers start building email list from DAY ONE!

You can use Feedburner to do this automatically and some WordPress plugins also manage this task well.

5) Comment On Other Blogs

Commenting on other blog is like inviting its author and readers to visit your blog. It’s also the best way to build relationship with other bloggers.

CommentLuv enabled blogs are the best blogs to get traffic to your latest post as they allow you to display your very recent post along with your comments. Try to comment  on latest posts on other blogs because it increases the chances of people finding your comment. This way you can increase comments on your blog.

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6) Notify Your Friends

If you have any friends who are interested in your niche then invite them to read your latest post. You can either Email them or send messages on Facebook. I let my friends know when there is a new content on my blog and so do they.

You can also ask them to drop a comment on the post and share it on social networks.

7) Advertise Your Posts

Last but not the least, you can advertise your post on Facebook or other social networks. I don’t recommend this because this requires a little sum of money and this is not the best option for new bloggers.

But this can get new readers to your blog and work only if you do it properly.


Following the things mentioned above will give exposure to your posts and the traffic you get will depend on quality of the content. You can experiment with different things and find which works the best for you. If you follow these things properly, then you should see rise in traffic. Check out the graph. If you see something like that then you are doing a good job!

Bar graph of traffic

These methods are also great to get more comments on blog posts. Please tell me if I have missed something above through comments.