Twitter Bird HashtagsFew days back, I shared 6+ Proven Ways To Get Traffic From Twitter with you. If you haven’t read that already, then I’d suggest you to read that first before reading this. But remember to come back as I’m going to share some great resources here, using which you can get tons of traffic from Twitter.

Mmmmm…..Waiting for you……Are You Back?? Yeah?? Okay…Read On!

In that post, I had mentioned about using Twitter hashtags to give maximum exposure to your tweets and ultimately increasing the traffic. Hope you remember that! In this post I’m going to share some great resources to find the best Hashtags you can use.

Mostly I use #blogging while promoting my blog posts on Twitter and it works like a charm. Yesterday, I thought there would be many other similar hashtags I could use to drive traffic to my “Blogging” blog.

I searched for different resources to find Twitter hashtags and compiled whatever I found useful to share with all of you. I use these resources to discover new hashtags and find its popularity. The more popular Twitter hashtags you use, the more traffic you’d get from Twitter.

Top Resources To Discover Popular Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags.Org is a free Twitter hashtag discovery service that offers a simple search which displays you the popularity of each hashtags you search for. It also builds a graph which tells you at what time is a particular keyword used the most.

It also displays a list of related topics and the users who has used the hashtag highest number of times.


Twubs Twitter Hashtag Discovery

Twubs allows you to follow a particular Twitter hashtag. You can join any conversation joining this service.

You can also find popular Twitter hashtags from Twubs directory. This directory has enormous number popular hashtags. I have found some great hashtags related to blogging from here, which works for me like a charm.

What the Trend

What The Trend

What the Trend functions like Google Trends, but displays all the trending hashtags on Twitter. The best feature of What the Trend is it can display Twitter hashtags by date or place.

This would be great if you want to find hashtags used by people from a particular country.



Tagedef Twitter Hashtags Finder

I simply love Tagedef Twitter hashtag directory because it shows definitions for hashtags. It’s very difficult to look at a hashtag and tell what actually it’s about. Tagedef makes everything easy by displaying definitions (if available). You can also add up your own definitions for a particular hashtag.

You can also use the ones mentioned below:

Over To You

I have used all the services listed above and I think it’s very useful. Not only bloggers would find these resources useful, even regular Twitter users would find this useful.

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