wordpress vs bloggerWith many blogging platforms on Internet allowing people to create websites and blogs for free, lots of people create blogs everyday. Whenever people wish to create a blog, they log on to Webs, Blogger or WordPress.com as they are free. I have also done the same thing back in 2010. I started blogging with Blogger and now I’m using a self hosted blog.

There are a lot around here, who want to create a new blog, and are confused over which blogging platform to choose, Blogger or WordPress. There are a variety of different opinions about these two platforms. In this post, I’m going to tell about my opinion on Blogger and WordPress. This post might help you choose any one of the two.


Blogger is so popular all around because it is totally free. Blogger is owned by Google and no doubt that it is everywhere. Blogger offers a free .blogspot.com address. You can create a blogger blog within minutes if you are already a Google user. Google has made it so easy to create a new blog, even if you don’t have enough knowledge about it.


♦ Absolutely free of cost.

♦ Easy setting up of blog.

♦ Allows you to use custom domains.

♦ It’s totally reliable as it’s owned by Google.

♦ Built in social networking features.

♦ Posting new content is easy and simple.

♦ Allows display of ads like AdSense, Amazon etc.

♦ Google Analytics integration.

♦ No need to backup database as Google regularly does it.


 Only 1GB of storage. Only 5 GB of storage.

WordPress (WordPress.com)

There are many who know about Blogger but never heard about WordPress. WordPress is a free blogging  open source software. Anyone can download the software from WordPress.org and install on their website for free. For that, you need to have a web host first.

WordPress.com is a hosted version of WordPress.org. It offers free services as well as paid services with pro features. You get a .wordpress.com address after you create a blog. You can set up a WordPress blog within minutes. In WordPress.com you don’t own the content that you post on your blog.


♦ WordPress is more flexible than Blogger, so you can customize it the way you want.

♦ Simple to use however you need to spend some time learning it if you are new to WordPress.

♦ It’s search engine friendly.

♦ No need to backup database daily.


♦ WordPress release it’s updates frequently.

♦ Doesn’t allow you to monetize your blog.

♦ Limited themes and plugins since it’s a free blogging platform.

♦ Displays ads unless you opt out for an ad-free version which costs $29.97 annually.

WordPress or Blogger? Which should you choose?

Though WordPress.com is more flexible than Blogger, free version of WordPress provides limited features compared to Blogger. Blogger doesn’t display ads on it’s own, so it proves to be better than WordPress.

You can also set up a self managed site by purchasing a web hosting and installing WordPress. The top two hosts are GoDaddy and HostGator. Here’s an informative article comparing GoDaddy vs HostGator which you can read before purchasing a host.

If you are a newbie, and don’t like to spend some bucks, then you can consider creating a Blogger blog. WordPress is better than Blogger if it is self hosted, but Blogger is the best platform free of cost for newbies, as it’s easy, simple to set up and use. If you want to use WordPress, then I suggest you to spend some money on a web host and install WordPress.