writing-handGoogle allows you to link your Google Plus profile page to your Google search results. This feature was made available by Google a couple of months back and is working great.

It makes search result look attractive and you can attract more user to click on your content by setting up Authorship. To add to it’s advantages, people can easily circle you on Google Plus.

Google have come up with Authorship to let readers know about the authors and to promote Google +.

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Google have made it easy for us to set up authorship with two options:

1) By setting up email and verifying it from Google Authorship Page.

2) By creating a link to your Google + profile from a page.

You can link to your Google + profile using <a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>. Either you can add this code directly to “header.php” file or you can use a WordPress plugin to do this.

Setting Up Google Authorship With WordPress Plugin

A WP Plugin called AuthorSure automatically links your Google profile from each webpage on your blog. In addition to that, it also allows you to display author bio on post page. This plugin is great if you don’t have much knowledge about coding or don’t like to mess up with your theme files.

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NOTE: You must add your blog url on your Google + profile (under “links”) and verify it if you want Google to show your profile information on Google search.

Download And Install AuthorSure