Writing a blog post in 45 minutesIf I’m spending more than 45 minutes on an article, I get a little nervous. I know that every minute I spend on a post is a minute I don’t have for marketing, sharing, and basically just building an awesome business.

If all your time is spent writing, you might have a killer blog with fantastic content – but you won’t have anyone actually visiting your blog.

It’s like the old adage: you could have the greatest product in the world, but if all it does it sit on your front lawn you won’t sell any. Learn how to barrel through your blog posts (while still writing quality stuff, of course) and save more time for building a captive audience.

Writing a Blog Post In 45 Minutes

1. Maintain a File of Topics

writing a blog post - topicsAbout every two weeks, I’ll sit down and write out as many topic ideas as possible. I’ll visit some of my favorite sites for inspiration and I’ll write down anything that might even resemble something I’d write about.

Later, I’ll throw out the ones I realize I don’t want to write about. At any given time, I have about 30-40 blog topics ready to go.

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2. Sketch an Outline

writing a blog post - sketchingI don’t spend more than 5-10 minutes on this step. The purpose is that I when I write my post, I don’t want to be lost or straggling in 6 different directions.

I outline just enough that I don’t have to think about the direction I’m going with the post. I just write!

3. Write Hectic

writing a blog post - typing fastAfter I have a good outline sketched out, I write super-fast and crazy. Basically, I start, and I crank it until I finish the post. I don’t worry if I can’t find the exact right word and I’ll stick in a placeholder word for the time being.

When I begin to write I make sure that there isn’t anything else that will pull me away. I get my mind wrapped around the topic, and I can pump out a rough draft in 20 minutes, easy.

4. Leave it Overnight

writing a blog post - sleepingAll the parts that you struggled with when writing the first draft will probably still be a struggle like 5 minutes later, right? Frequently, the next day I’ll be able to immediately find the right way to word something that I couldn’t figure out while I was writing it.

It’s almost like your brain subconsciously works on solving the problem while you sleep. I don’t know why, but it works great for me.

5. Edit Like a Maniac

writing a blog post - editingThe main purpose of editing is to make your article as clear and concise as possible. The point of blog writing is to portray ideas, not write over the top flowery crap like some 18th century classic.

Take out every word that isn’t essential to the purpose of your article (words like “very” and “really” usually fall under this category).  You’ll be amazed at how much the readability of your article improves and your readers will appreciate your writing more than ever before.

What do you do for your writing process? Let me know!